1949 Miss Nevada

  1. Carol Lampe, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority
  2. Jacqueline Keenan, Delta Delta Delta
  3. Gwen Byrd, Physical Education majors
  4. Irene Fulton, Corps of Sponsors
  5. Andrea Smart, Women’s Recreation Associates
  6. Doris Sodergreen, Artemisia
  7. Anita Davidson, Manzanita Hall
  8. Odile Frost, Pi Beta Phi
  9. Elaine Powell, Gamma Phi Beta
  10. Rita Mortara, Sagebrush
* Contestants had to be a student at the University of Nevada

Carol Diane Lampe

Hometown: Reno

Age (at crowning): 20

School: University of Nevada, Reno (Sophomore)

College Major: Unknown 

Scholarship Winnings: $500

Platform: Unknown

Talent: Speech on Raising Purebred Hereford Cattle

Fun Facts:

  • Met Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan, and Cary Grant during her year
  • Quotes:
    • “I did notice a few eyebrows raise when I said I was from Reno, however, people just don’t understand Nevada.”
    • “A word of advice for future Miss Nevadas, contestants won’t get far unless they have an unusual dramatic or musical ability.”

Miss America:

  • Tied with Miss Utah as tallest contestant
  • Media of 1949 stated that Carol brought her Hereford cow that she raised to Miss America and wanted to use it as part of her talent presentation but the Miss America committee said no, but allowed Miss Montana to ride her horse for her talent presentation.  Complaints were made that the Miss America committee preferred horses over cows.  Due to an accident on stage with Miss Montana’s horse and the conflict, “no more animals” were allowed going forward at Miss America. In later years, Carol stated that she didn’t actually take her cow to Atlantic City.
  • 45 states, plus Puerto Rico, Canada, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia & Washington D.C. were represented at the Miss America Pageant.
  • The Reno chamber of commerce was upset because Carol and her mom went to NYC after Miss America and they were trying to coordinate a welcome home party.


  • Married William Kidwell and had 4 children, 5 grandchildren
  • Carol is deceased (4/22/2004)