2019-2020 Miss Nevada

Photo Credit: Matt Boyd
H&M: Meredith Boyd

Nasya Mancini

School: Dixie State University

College Major: Media Studies emphasis in Broadcast Journalism

Scholarship Winnings: $34,000

Social Impact Initiative: Patch for a Purpose #FindYourVoice

Miss America empowered me to: The word empowerment has several meanings to me. It is the source of my strength when my mother and other female role models empower me to reach for my goals. It is the sisterhood I have found within the Miss America system and purity of enabling each other and the support we show for each other in the competition for a title. It is about finding and using your voice. It is about empowering others to find theirs. It is about paying it forward daily and giving all I can to others. It is the permission I give to myself to push to new limits and not be complacent. I have been the beneficiary of being empowered to go out and pursue my dreams, and I also have been given a gift that I can empower others by my actions.

Bio:  Nasya Mancini was born with only a 10% chance of survival; therefore, her outlook on life is to live everyday as if it’s a miracle. By pursuing a career in the Broadcast TV industry, she has discovered the strength and confidence to take a path that many shy away from. Nasya lives by the rule that she can achieve anything in life if she works hard for it and believes it can be done.

Acting has been a huge part of Nasya’s life since the age of six. Through her many years of training and performing, she has realized that the skills she learned were making her a more confident person and in turn helped her find her voice.  Nasya’s program, “Patch for a Purpose #FindYourVoice ” acts to empower and teach children to use their voice while promoting Character, Creativity, Confidence and Physical/Mental Well-Being.  Her hope is that every child who earns the #FindYourVoice patch will better understand that she can make a difference.