2021 Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen Candidates

Miss Nevada's Outstanding Teen Candidates 2021

Miss Nevada’s Outstanding

Teen 2021

Miss Congeniality

Candidate:  Isabella McGinnis

Social Impact Initiative:  

Include Me

School: Faith Lutheran

High School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Red Rock’s 

Outstanding Teen

1st Runner Up

Candidate: Cheyenne


Social Impact Initiative:

Promoting a Healthy

Lifestyle in Nevada’s Youth

School: Douglas County

High School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Douglas

County’s Outstanding Teen

2nd Runner Up

Eileen Hale Empowerment


Candidate:  Alexa Fahd

Social Impact Initiative: 


School: Del Sol Academy of

the Performing Arts

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Clark

County’s Outstanding Teen

3rd Runner Up

Candidate: Brittany Vanzura

Social Impact Initiative: 

Evan’s Angels

School:  Acellus Online


Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Mount

Rose’s Outstanding Teen

4th Runner Up

People’s Choice

Candidate: Mackenzie


Social Impact Initiative: 

Helping From the Heart

School: Reed High School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Reno-

Sparks’ Outstanding Teen

Silver State Spirit Award

Candidate:  Megan Dwyer

Social Impact Initiative: Be Bold. Go Gold —

Raising Childhood Cancer Awareness

School:  Elko High School

Talent:  Dance

Local Title: Miss Ruby Mountain’s 

Outstanding Teen

Candidate: Brooklynn Grundy

Social Impact Initiative:  Living With Grief; You’re

Not Alone

School: Eagle Valley Middle School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Carson City’s Outstanding Teen

Candidate: Iris Niccoli

Social Impact Initiative:  Discovering Dyslexia 

School:  Douglas High School

Talent: Vocal

Local Title: Miss Lake Tahoe’s Outstanding Teen

Candidate:  Jillian Anderson

Social Impact Initiative: Confidence is Key:

Unlocking the Future

School:  Cadwallader Middle School

Talent: Monologue

Local Title:  Miss Paradise’s Outstanding Teen

Candidate: Makayla Irwin

Social Impact Initiative:  Helping Hands

School:  Sparks High School

Talent: Monologue

Local Title: Miss Truckee Meadows’ 

Outstanding Teen

Candidate:  Kate Gwyn

Social Impact Initiative:  PANDAS Network

School:  Elko High School

Talent: Vocal

Local Title: Miss Valley of Fire’s 

Outstanding Teen