2023 Miss Nevada’s Teen Delegates

Miss Nevada’s Teen 2023

Delegate: Bella Hawkins

Special Awards: Silver State Spirit, Overall Interview

Community Service Initiative: Big Impact Foundation

School: Shadow Ridge High School

Talent: Vocal

Local Title: Miss North Las Vegas’ Teen

First Runner Up

Delegate: Brooklynn Grundy

Community Service Initiative: Speak Up: You Are Not Your Illness

School: Carson High School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Silver State’s Teen

Second Runner Up

Delegate: Arianah Harris

Special Awards: People’s Choice

Community Service Initiative: Roots to Reading: Literacy for Every Child

School: Veterans Tribute CTA

Talent: Vocal

Local Title: Miss Las Vegas’ Teen         

Third Runner Up

Delegate: Brittany Vanzura

Community Service Initiative: Evan’s Angel: Bringing comfort from home to the hospital

School: Dayton High School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Zephyr Cove’s Teen

Fourth Runner Up

Delegate: Makayla Palatz

Special Awards: Eileen Hale Empowerment, Miss Congeniality

Community Service Initiative: Meals that Matter: Ending Hunger One Meal at a Time

School: Sparks High School

Talent: Spoken Word

Local Title: Miss Washoe County’s Teen         

Delegate: Arabella White

Community Service Initiative: Don’t Blow It: Smoking & Vaping Prevention in Teens

School: Alpine Academy

Talent: Vocal

Local Title: Miss Lake Tahoe’s Teen

Delegate: Ellee Chase

Community Service Initiative: Unity Church

School: Marce Herz Middle School

Talent: Instrumental

Local Title: Miss Clark County’s Teen

Delegate: Jamieann Chase

Community Service Initiative: Smile Restore

School: Marce Herz Middle School

Talent:  Instrumental

Local Title: Miss Henderson’s Teen    

Delegate: Kyla Fratis

Community Service Initiative: Never Too Late: Fighting against childhood abandonment

School: Carson High School

Talent: Vocal

Local Title: Miss Carson City’s Teen

Delegate: Tabitha Wilcox

Special Awards: Non-Finalist Interview, Non-Finalist Talent

Community Service Initiative: The Gift of Time

School: Reed High School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Reno’s Teen                                                                                

Delegate: Wimberly Gumns

Community Service Initiative: No Means No: Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention for Teens

School: O’Brien Middle School

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss North Valley’s Teen                                        

Delegate: Zoey Swiger

Community Service Initiative: Turn The Page: The importance of childhood literacy

School: Connections Academy

Talent: Dance

Local Title: Miss Lyon County’s Teen