Information to start a local pageant

We are seeking professional, excited, community-minded people who are interested in starting a local Miss Nevada preliminary in their area. The Miss Nevada Organization has a rich history of empowering young women to achieve their dreams and goals. Larger than the young women who have held the title of Miss Nevada is the volunteer team who dedicate their lives to ensure young women to have the opportunity to express their viewpoints, talents and accomplishments. These are expressed to Nevada audiences not only the evening of the annual Miss Nevada Scholarship Pageant but also to the public at large during the ensuing year.

It’s an exciting time when the young woman who represents her local title moves to the next level and competes for the title of Miss Nevada. And who knows? Maybe even the title of Miss America!

As a local pageant you will be instrumental in giving young women the opportunity to compete in your local pageant. The winner will be committed to representing your community through their year of service and as they compete in the annual Miss Nevada Pageant. “Miss Nevada” and “Miss America” is more than just a title. She is a woman who reflects a tradition of style, sophistication and service. It’s time for your town to have a representative!

For more information give us a call and we will share with you the responsibilities of bringing a local pageant in your area.

Phone: (702) 290-4545