2023 Miss Nevada Delegates

Miss Nevada 2023

Delegate: Taylor Blatchford

Special Awards: Teresa Benitez-Thompson Overall Interview

Community Service Initiative: Text 2 Regret: Reducing online risks

School: The University of Alabama

Talent:  Violin

Local Title: Miss Boulder City

First Runner Up

Delegate: Karrina Ferris

Special Awards: Eileen Hale Empowerment, People’s Choice

Community Service Initiative: Inform to Reform: Educating America’s Future

School: University of Nevada, Reno

Talent:  Dance

Local Title: Miss Silver State

Second Runner Up

Delegate: Abigail Bachman

Community Service Initiative: Advancing Opportunities for the Disability Community

School: Touro University Nevada

Talent:  Dance

Local Title: Miss Henderson

Third Runner Up

Delegate: Myrra Dvorak

Community Service Initiative: Fempower: Inspiring Women through Community Action

School: William S. Boyd School of Law (UNLV)

Talent:  Vocal

Local Title: Miss Centennial Hills

Fourth Runner Up

Delegate: Chelsea Arnold

Community Service Initiative: Read to Lead

School: University of Missouri

Talent:  Vocal

Local Title: Miss Lake Tahoe

Delegate: Alexia Roberts

Community Service Initiative: The Health of Humanity: Combatting human trafficking

School: Liberty University

Talent:  Vocal

Local Title: Miss Summerlin   

Delegate: Ashlee Nelson

Community Service Initiative: WISE (Women in Sports and Events)

School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Talent:  Vocal

Local Title: Miss Clark County

Delegate: Brianna Cross

Community Service Initiative: Raise the B.A.R.R.: Better Addiction Resources for Recovery

School: Western Nevada College

Talent:  Monologue

Local Title: Miss Carson City

Delegate: Carli Kleist

Community Service Initiative: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: Mental Health Awareness

School: University of Nevada, Reno

Talent:  Dance

Local Title: Miss Douglas County

Delegate: Hana Altenburg

Community Service Initiative: Kids Can’t Wait!

School: University of Nevada, Reno

Talent:  Monologue

Local Title: Miss Reno                                                                

Delegate: Jordan Van Worth

Community Service Initiative: Operation Appreciation: Saluting Those Who Serve

School: Columbia University

Talent:  Dance

Local Title: Miss Zephyr Cove                                                  

Delegate: Makenna York

Special Awards: Non-Finalist Interview, Non-Finalist Talent, Silver State Spirit, Miss Congeniality

Community Service Initiative: One Orchestra: Musical Instrument Accessibility for All 

School: University of Nevada, Reno

Talent:  Vocal / Piano

Local Title: Miss Sparks

Delegate: Nikki Behjat

Community Service Initiative: Representation Matters

School: The School of Visual Arts, NYC

Talent:  Speed Painting

Local Title: Miss Red Rock                                                                                                             

Delegate: Tristine Hui

Community Service Initiative: Positive Inner Monologue: Step into your spotlight

School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Talent:  Vocal

Local Title: Miss UNLV                 

Delegate: Wish Read

Community Service Initiative: Wishing for Wellness 

School: Kentucky Wesleyan College

Talent:  Vocal 

Local Title: Miss Las Vegas