Miss Nevada’s Teen

Bella Hawkins

Overall Interview Recipient & Silver State Spirit Recipient, Miss Nevada’s Teen 2023

Local Title:  Miss North Las Vegas’ Teen

High School: Shadow Ridge High School (graduate)

College: Delaware State University (rising freshman)

College Major: Undecided

Scholarship Winnings: $8000

Community Service Initiative: Big Impact Foundation

Miss America’s Teen empowers me to:  


Bella Hawkins is 17 years old,  the eldest sister of 4, a Libra, and a lover of music.  She has over 100 stuffed animals and loves warm blankets!

Her Community Service Initiative is Big Impact Foundation, which also serves as her non-profit organization! Through Big Impact, she works to educate children and teens on the importance of community service, and encourages them to get out and serve! She has completed over 2500 hours of community service in the past 4 years, and plans to do so much more as Miss Nevada’s Teen! 

2023 Miss Nevada’s Teen Candidates

2023 Scholarships Awarded: $11,900