Silver State Century Club

The Miss Nevada Scholarship Foundation is pleased to invite you to join the Silver State Century Club!

Joining this exclusive club makes you one of only 100 Members of our  Organization’s friends, families and fans who are each willing to contribute a minimum of $100 to aid in the funding of each year’s scholarship awards for the incredible young women vying for the titles of Miss Nevada  & Miss Nevada’s Teen! 

100% of the donations from the Silver State Century Club go directly to the Miss Nevada Scholarship Foundation, the 501(c)3 arm of the Miss Nevada Scholarship Organization, to be awarded as part of this year’s scholarships and are tax deductible! 

2023 Silver State Century Club Members

Lisa & Nasya Mancini

Jordan Orris

Tyler C. Patton

McKenna & Shauna Home Team

Katherine Kelley

Diana Moss

Richard Smithers

Doug & Cynthia Blatchford

Macie Renee Tuell

Julianna Erdesz-Wilson

We would love for you to consider joining this exclusive group, where memberships are  on a first come, first served basis and members will be asked to renew annually before  filling any vacancies that may become open! 

Members of the Silver State Century Club receive: 

  • Official Miss Nevada Competition Magazine  
  • Personalized autographed photo of Miss Nevada 2023 & 2024 
  • Personalized autographed photo of Miss Nevada’s Teen 2023 & 2024 
  • Name listed in the Official Competition Magazine as a Silver State Century Club  Member (as long as your donation is received before print the deadline)
  • Recognition as a member of the Silver State Century Club on the Miss Nevada Website and our multiple social media platforms and accounts 
  • Individualized Social Media Post of Business Logo & Website Link (if applicable) 
  • Business Logo & Weblink on (if applicable)  
  • Tax deductible donation | 501(c)3 Tax ID#: 47-2972133 

The deadline for receiving your pledge is May 15, 2023 or until all 100 spots in the  Silver State Century Club are filled (whichever comes first).  

Thank you for your generous donation and invaluable support as we continue to provide scholarships for the incredible women we serve and their goals for  higher education and the betterment of our communities, state, and country  through their future success!