Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become Miss Nevada or Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen?

Check out the candidate eligibility for Miss Nevada or Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen and then reach out to for a candidate application. 

What is the difference between the Miss America Competition and other pageant systems?

The Miss America Competition is a not-for-profit organization committed to staying the largest provider of scholarship money for women in the world. Our evaluation system emphasizes community service, education, and personal achievements.

Before you enter this or any program of this nature, we would encourage you to find out as much as you can about the goals, motivations, and integrity of the organization. For more information about the Miss America Competition, please visit 

What is a Social Impact Initiative?

A social impact initiative is an issue of special interest to a candidate that she advocates during her year of service.  Social impact initiative topics range widely, and the Miss Nevada Scholarship Organization encourages its candidates to choose a social impact initiative she is eager to serve.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:  health issues, education, literacy, volunteerism, school-to-work programs, disease awareness, care for senior citizens, youth ministry, hunger, homelessness, women’s issues, veteran’s affairs, mentoring, organ and tissue donation, arts in education, recycling, environmental issues, drug abuse prevention, tobacco awareness, AIDS awareness, eating disorders awareness, breast cancer education, self-esteem, patriotism, etc.

Above all, choose a service project you truly enjoy. You will be spending a lot of time with your social impact initiative (especially if you win, but even if you don’t). Choose a topic that can be applied to larger areas than your hometown in case you have to extend your service statewide or even nationwide. Try to avoid centering your social impact initiative around one event; for example, instead of choosing a telethon for AIDS research, choose AIDS awareness (you can still use the telethon as one of your projects).

What paperwork is required?

A candidate’s resume and social impact initiative statement demonstrates to the judges why each candidate should be considered for the job of Miss Nevada or Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen.  The candidate’s contract outlines the responsibilities of the titleholders and candidates alike. All paperwork can be acquired by emailing 

What are the phases of competition? 

Private Interview: Each candidate will have a job-like interview with a panel of 5-7 judges.  Questions can be about any subject matter, including but not limited to candidate social impact initiative, current events and politics, pop culture, and personality.  Miss candidate interviews are 10 minutes, Outstanding Teen candidate interviews are 8 minutes.

Social Impact Pitch & Onstage Interview:  Candidates will deliver a 30-60 second Social Impact Pitch, which at her discretion can include a statement on the initiative’s importance, her work and plans, or other information. After the candidate’s SIP, a judge will ask two questions – one related to the SII and one question that is not related to the Social Impact Initiative.

Talent: The talent portion of the competition is designed to be a 90 second presentation of a special skill, including but not limited to dancing, singing, acting, instrumental, speed painting, etc.







Red Carpet: An opportunity to showcase your personal style, grace, presence, and confidence in evening wear or whatever a candidate would wear at a formal red-carpet event!

Combined with on-stage question, Outstanding Teen Candidates will demonstrate their poise and elegance in evening gown of their choice.

Fitness Wear: Outstanding Teens will demonstrate their fitness through a small choreographed routine.